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AU Unconferences

So are you headed to AU this year? Want to pick up some more tips/tricks? Then try getting it to one of the UnConference sessions. What’s an UnConference you ask? They are extra sessions hosted by some of the experts and not sessions you sign up for, they are on the first come first served rule. 

How a Session Works

Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes. Here’s what typically takes place:

  • In the first 10 to 15 minutes the session leader starts out introducing the topic and then each participant in the room does a quick 10-second introduction.
  • The rest of the session, the leader asks questions about the topic and directly solicits comments and opinions from those in the room.

The value of an AU Unplugged!—or any un-conference for that matter—is that the line between presenter and audience is blurred. At an un-conference, there are only session leaders and session participants. A session leader has to prepare and is expected to set the stage for the session, but it is likely that the leader learns as much from the participants as the participants learn from the leader or each other.

When Will It Take Place?

AU Unplugged! will run concurrently to other AU classes. Unlike regular classes, you are not able to sign up for a particular AU Unplugged! session. Sessions are on a first come, first served basis, and each session will be limited to 40 participants to allow for good dialog.

Voting on the topics for the sessions is now open so go vote on a topic or more that you may want to sit in on.



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