AutoCAD Map3D 2011 and Raster Design OE

Anyone that uses MrSID image files in their Map3D or Civil 3D know that you  need to install the Raster Design Object Enabler or Raster Design installed to insert them with the Map image insert command. Problem is right now there is no Raster Design OE for the 2011 versions. However thanks to a geeky customer there is a work around.

The first step is you need a working version of an AutoCAD 2010 installed on your workstation. This can be Map3D, Civil 3D, Standard AutoCAD of the vanilla favor or even the water down application named TrueView. Now if you are running on a 64bit OS I was told you can skip the 2010 products but with a 32 bit OS you need one of those install.

Next download and install the 2010 version of the Raster Design OE. Located here A reminder you need administrator rights to install it and follow the standards to install any of AutoCAD applications, in other words shut down any apps you have running and shut down you anti-virus software for the installs.

The next step is you need to open the windows registry. To do this the simple way is from the START button > Run and type in regedit for the “open”  then click the OK button. Now a disclaimer, if you don’t feel comfortable working with the registry then call some that does. Do not blame the Murph if your PC starts to act up later because you messed up the registry.

With the registry open navigate/browse to the


key. Select it, right click, and select Export. Save the exported registry key to a folder that you can get to, the name for it can be any name of your choice (provide you follow the naming convections enforced by Microsoft).


Now browse to the folder you saved the exported key to and open it in a text editor (Notepad works best). With the file open edit the first line (not the top header line) so it reads as 


Just change the R18.0 to read R18.1. Save the file and close it.


Next step is to double click on the file in Windows Explorer. This will import the registry key into the registry.  If you get the Warning Message / Registry Editor


just click the OK button.

Now if everything worked you should be able to open up Map3D or Civil 3D 2011 and use the Mapiinsert to insert a MrSID format image into you projects like you could before.


First this is a hack to get the SID files in the 2011 versions, it is not supported by Autodesk so if something goes wrong don’t expect help from your support team. Second anyone that knows what all those numbers mean in the registry will see that the imported registry key is for the 2011 version but still points to 2010 Raster Design OE, if you try to install the supported version of Raster Design OE when it gets released you may get the message saying it is already installed. You may have to delete that key for the official supported version to install and work properly .


18 Responses to “AutoCAD Map3D 2011 and Raster Design OE”

  1. 1 Dan 06/17/2010 at 9:50 AM

    How do you create an expression for a FDO Line data connection, that would show you the angle of the lines

  2. 2 Alison Rowles 06/16/2010 at 2:53 PM

    Thank you for spelling this out so clearly!! Always appreciated!

  3. 3 Bibs 05/23/2010 at 7:12 PM

    Everything went pear shaped when I removed Map 3D 2010 and moved up to Map 3D 2011.
    This fix worked a treat.

  4. 4 tony 05/13/2010 at 6:37 PM

    wow i will have to try this out. Great post. Thanks for all the helpful info.

  5. 5 Dan Higgins 05/13/2010 at 12:41 PM

    Thanks for the hack. Worked as predicted.

  6. 6 Rick Chappell 05/12/2010 at 11:54 AM

    Good call, Murph.

  7. 7 Rick Chappell 05/12/2010 at 11:53 AM

    Good call.

  8. 8 R.K. McSwain 05/10/2010 at 6:29 AM

    Finally got it working – C3D2011 (64-bit) on Win7. Thanks again.

  9. 9 Earl Kubaskie 05/09/2010 at 9:33 PM

    Thanks, Murph. At least *I* can use it.

    I can’t really use a registry-hack for all my users, though. IT would – well, I’m not sure WHAT they’d do, but I bet it would be funny to watch 😉

    C3D’s been out for 3 weeks now, Map longer. Where the heck is RD 2011, so I can finally deploy 2011?

    Tho I agree with some that the NEED for RD in order to xref MrSID is pretty lame.

  10. 10 R.K. McSwain 05/05/2010 at 12:56 PM

    2010 OE will not install on Win7, 64-bit without a “target application” (Only have C3D2011 installed)

  11. 11 Francesc 05/04/2010 at 3:49 AM

    Many thanks for sharing this hack! It works wonderfully over AutoCad 2011 (32 bits)!

  12. 12 XenoMorphLV426 05/03/2010 at 12:41 AM

    Thx for the tip, it works great in AutoCad Map 3D 2011. The only drawback is that it doesnt work in DWG TrueView 2011.

  13. 13 John Mayo 05/01/2010 at 2:07 PM

    The man, the myth, the legend.

    Thank you sir.

  14. 14 tr4driver 05/01/2010 at 7:05 AM

    I can’t figure out how to make the hack work because I don’t have the registry entry referenced:


    I have C3D 2010 and the Raster OE 2010 (64-bit) installed and working fine on my system, but cant figure out how to make the hack work if I don’t have the same registry entries. Has anyone here been able to get it to work on a 64-bit system?

  15. 15 Grant Buote 04/29/2010 at 7:49 AM

    Thanks so much for this …. I was originally told it would be released in late May, then July. I can now easily read ECW images again! cheers

  16. 16 R.K. McSwain 04/23/2010 at 12:53 PM

    This could be very useful soon. Thanks. I have to agree with Bryan on “why isn’t SID support built into MAP”? If Civil 3D is a world-class application in it’s field, we shouldn’t have to download OE’s anyway. I’m sure it’s just one or two DLL files and a regedit away anyway….

  17. 17 Bryan Tanner 04/22/2010 at 4:31 PM

    Wow. Autodesk really dropped the ball on this one. Aside from the fact that Raster Design should have been released by the time Civil 3D was, it reallyshouldnt be needed at all. With SID images having such a widespread use in the Civil/Survey/Mapping arena, it should be a feature built into Map 3D and Civil 3D by default anyway. Not to mention the fact that this isn’t the first time the involvement of Raster Design has been the cause of errors and glitches in other design software. I hope Autodesk works to release RD 2001 or offer an officially supported solution quickly. We likely won’t upgrade as a company until they do.

  18. 18 Louisa G Holland 04/22/2010 at 11:41 AM

    I love a good hack! Thanks for sharing!!!

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