The Results are in, and the Winners are.

The results from the poll are in and the winners of the DotSoft MapWork tools are; David Parker, Randy McCan, Bevan Shervey, Andrew Puller, and Graham Avard. Thanks to everyone that took the poll and here are the major results that I’ll share with my loyal readers.

Some commented on having to register to leave comments. This was to keep spam out of the comments however Akismet seems to be catching the spam so I have removed the requirement to register to leave a comment.

Next topic that a few commented on was searching for topics. I knew this is a problem and am working on an index page to list the topics in some sort of order, however let me say the version of wordpress the weblog is run on is the free version and I’m limited on running any custom code to create any easy search tools or index on topics. So it looks like I need to make better use of tags.

Another item most everyone commented on is the frequency of posts. I have no problem with post one tip a week as long as I have some ideas on what to post about. I get most of the ideas for topics from the discussion groups or other forums but after a while they all end up being the same or simple one line comments not worth blogging about. SOooo give me some topics or ideas and I will write about those.

Last is the addition of videos on the site. One reader commented they can not access sites with videos at work. If and when I start placing videos on the site they will be in addition to the screen captures and the steps to follow for the tip or how-do. The latest test posting with videos were not successful at the time. So it may be a few months before I start using videos on here.

Again thanks for taking the poll and leave some comments.



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