LandXML files in Map3D

With 2010 Version of Map 3D we now have a way to import Land XML files using the survey tab of the task pane. However it only brings in points. What if that file contains line features or even yet a pipe network with structures from a Civil 3D project? Autodesk reply is use SDF, Civil 3D can export to SDF and then we can connect to it using the data connect. Well great if how ever creates that project uses Civil 3D but what about all those other Civil design applications that export to LandXML format?  So what’s your’ opintion on it? Should Map3D users have more functions in the Survey tab for line work and the points or how about a data provider (FDO) for LandXML.

Take the poll and vote, I’ll pass the results on to those that I can at the Map3D team of Autodesk.



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