Raster Images problems?

Are you having trouble printing with images files inserted into you maps? There are a few things that may help that are not documented very well. First there’s two system variables you may want to change. The first one is “RASTERPERCENT” (Sets the maximum percentage of available virtual memory that is allowed for plotting a raster image.) That’s all the Help file tells you about it. The second one is “RASTERTHRESHOLD” and the only help info is; “Specifies a raster threshold in megabytes. If the plotted raster image exceeds this threshold, the availability of system memory is checked. The plot is aborted if the image is too big for the available memory.” Now that last statement sounds like what a lot of users are reporting, the plot cancels out when they have a large image in the drawing. So just how can these two variables be fined tuned? Up the value for both of them , I heard replies from others that setting them to 90 and 100 respectively works wonders. However keep in mind they set or reserve a percentage of your virtual memory for images locking up that memory for other objects. You may want to try 30-40 for the settings then if you need to go up from there until you get the plot right.  The values are stored in the registry so once set they are retained until you set them to a different value.

Another area to check is in the plotter property settings for the plotter you are sending the drawing to. Most plotter/printers have the Raster Graphics settings that you allow you to set the resolution down a little to get the plot size down to a manageable size by moving the slider to the left.


In the settings for my HP PSC 1200 printer if I move the slider to the left a few clicks it makes the plot size smaller thereby not requiring that much memory, yet the quality of the plot is not effected to a noticeable degree once it is plotted on a sheet. Each plotter’s model and brand will be a little different with the drivers used having a part in this as well, so there’s no way to have a one size fits all here. All you need to do is experiment with all of these settings and do a little trial and error.


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  1. 1 mbyee28 03/17/2009 at 3:15 AM

    Hi sir! Are these settings true also for lower version Map 3D? A client has the same problem and I have exhausted all possible sources to help. They are using Map 3D 2006.

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