It’s on it’s Way

AutoCAD 2010 that is. Yes the next version is just around the corner and should be shipping to customers in two weeks. That means AutoCAD Map3D 2010 should be right around the bend if history repeats itself on past releases. So what in new in Map3D 2010? I can’t say yet but I can tell you what is in Vanilla AutoCAD 2010 and everyone knows that Map3D is built on top on the vanilla favor of AutoCAD. First there has been some 3D modeling improvements or what is called Organic Modeling. If you do a lot of 3D work the new free form modeling is a lot easier to create some nice 3D designs. Ok they may not be of much use in Map3D unless you are trying to create a 3D surface for your map but there is also a new feature to set Geometric Constrains. Here’s a link to Lynn Allen’s Blog posting on that. Think of creating lot lines or parcels when looking at that posting or keeping utilities lines parallel to a road center line.

For more on the vanilla new features take a look at Shaan’s posting here. There is even a link to download the preview guide so take a look.

As for AutoCAD Map3D, well you have to wait a little longer to see or read about those but I can bet there will be a few new features in it some of you may like and have been asking for.


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