Rotation of Blocks or Text

Do you need to export text or blocks to a GIS format and then try to data connect to that exported data and fine that if the blocks or text features are rotated that the rotated value you used on the export does not match the rotation for the features in the original drawing? The reason is when you export with the rotation property it is in Radians not Degrees. So if you need to rotate the symbols in the data connect to  the original rotation angle the rotation value in the data table needs to be converted.

Here is a dwg with the text as AutoCAD text objects.


Here what happens when you label those features with no expression in the style editor for the data connect.


Here they are using the default “ROTATION” property from the data table.


Not what we expected, is it?
So how can you convert them from the radians to degrees? Simple an expression in the expression builder will do it.

( 180.0 * ( ROTATION  /  3.14))


Now when they get labeled the rotation is the same as the original drawing objects was.


This also works with blocks you have rotated in a drawing that you later connect to with data connect. If you find yourself with a lot of features from different files that need this expression, don’t forget about the option to export that expression allowing you to later import it to use for any feature file that has the “ROTATION” property.



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