Your Input ? or Help Design the Next Versions Layout

Have you ever wondered why a command or function is on that toolbar but not on that another? Do you find yourself having to click here, then there before you get access to a certain command you use all the time?  If you are like me I create my own tool bar or menus with the commands I use most often, so they are one click away.  Why not let Autodesk know about the commands you use most and how you access them? I’m not talking about emailing or calling them and voicing your preference but another way to pass that info on.

It’s call the Customer Involvement Program or CIP for short. If you did the install of the product the first time it’s fired up you get asked to participate but most of the time we click “No Thanks” and forget about it. Maybe you were told it tracks everything you do in AutoCAD and you want to keep your privacy.  Well you can participate  anonymously and not have to worry.

So what is the CIP and why should you joined in. First it lets Autodesk know what operating systems and hardware everyone uses. This can be helpful when they develop the next version knowing if most users are still using XP Pro 16 bit. The other thing is the information they track are the commands you use and how you access those commands.   So if you  use the Widget command 20 times an hour then it might get placed right in the middle of the UI but if the CIP reports no one uses it then it stays hidden in some command line version instead on a toolbar or on a menu.

Granted the toolbars and menus are slowing being replaced by the ribbon but what goes on the ribbon and where, is determined by the information  Autodesk gets from the CIP.  Yes you can still create your own toolbar and menu and not worry about it but what happens when there is no menu or toolbars? OK so you will learn to make your own ribbon tabs and panels and use those. But why not make it a little easier and let Autodesk make them the way “you” use them. 

So if you want a say on what the future versions will look like, turn on the CIP, just go to the help menu and click on the Customer Involvement Program, click Participate Anonymous if you want but click OK.  

For more info on the program and their Privacy Policy click here.



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