SP1 and Hotfix for Survey Extension

For those running Map3D 2009 I’m sure you know a service pack has been out for a while. For those that do not know it, it fixed a few bugs but it also caused the Survey Extension to have a few issues when you created a TIN surface. You had to close AutoCAD Map3D, reopen Map3D, and manually load/connect to the raster TIN surface to see the surface. Well the hot fix for it is out and on the Autodesk web site. The SP1 is also downloadable from there if you have not installed it yet. Those that have not downloaded the Survey Extension yet the hot fix should not be required. Like any Update or SP make sure you read the readme files before you install the SP or hotfix.


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  1. 1 bbase 01/16/2009 at 5:00 AM

    Hello Murph and the Map3D-community,

    I’m told that, although the Survey Tools are great, they can only be installed on a standalone version of AutoCAD Map 3D 2009. Just my luck that we’re working on a network licence here (10 users on subscription). Autodesk is really letting us down on this point. Is there really no workaround to use Survey Tools on a network licence?

    In a few days we need to generate our first 3D terrain model, professional advice is needed quickly.


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