AU 2008, It’s Just Around the Corner

Yes Autodesk University 2008 is about ready to open the door for registration. So for those that have not started asking the boss to go you better get busy. This year there are 38 +- classes in the Geospatial track at my last count. For those that have never been to AU you are missing out on some good training. This year there is a fair amount of classes for every level of users, starting with Drawing Cleanup then there’s one on The Expression Builder in AutoCAD Map3D and Map Guide. There’s even a 90 minutes lab that will allow you the chance to create some Feature Classifications in Map3D with instructors showing the way. Of course there’s always some good basic AutoCAD tips given out along the way.

But the classes are only part of AU, the other reasons for attending is the networking you get to do with other Map3D users from around the world. Or you might get the chance to see what the Geospatial team at Autodesk have planned for the next version of Map. Do you have a desire to see what Topobase or Utility Design is all about, or how Microsoft SQL Server 2008 fits in with Map3D? You might even get the chance to sit down with one of the favorite blogger or an Autodesk employee for some chatting on some issues you are having.

Then there are the events planned after hours starting with the AUGI general membership meeting and Beer Bash, or the Geospatial Social event that always draws a big crowd from the other disciplines. So keep an eye on the AU web site, and watch for the registration dates.

Last I have to plug my own class, “From paper to GIS with Raster Design and AutoCAD MAP3D”  to give you all a chance to meet me in person.  Right now it’s tentatively schedule for Wednesday at 10:00 so if you stay late at the AUGI beer bash you  will have a few extra hours to recuperate and still make my class. 



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