Default is gone, Almost.

A couple ‘bugs” that showed up in R2008 when importing an ESRI shape file have been fixed in R2009. Did you notice that in 2008 when you imported a shape file that the default layer and Object Date Tables were prefixed with “Default_”? Well the layer name no longer has that “bug” but the OD table name still prefixes it with “Default_”

Here’s what it looked like in 2007:


Then in 2008 we got this:


Now in 2009 we get this:


The Layer name is back to 2007 style but the OD table still has the bug.


The other “bug” introduced  in 2008 with the map import was the color properties of the objects after they were imported. If you had a predefined layer with a color assigned to it and used that as the drawing layer for the import your objects did go to the correct layer but did not take on the color of that layer. 


This image (above) shows the plines are on layer Street and the color for that layer is Red, but the polyline has a color of White.

Now in 2009.


As you see it’s back to the pre 2008 version and the polylines take on the ByLayer for the color.

So now we need the development team to get the object data table name back to where is was and forget all about those “Default_”names messing up peoples scripts and queries.  



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