Map 3D 2009 is on the Way.

So what’s new in AutoCAD Map 3D? I’m sure everyone has read or seen the blogs posting or news release on what’s new in AutoCAD 2009 but for the MAP 3D users what is new? Well there’s a couple new features that I think will make users happy. The first I’ll write about is the split and merge feature. For those that use the FDO, data connect, or what ever you want to call it these tools allow you to split a feature into two or more features and merge two or more features into one feature. An example would be a large parcel gets subdivided and you need to create th new parcels. The split feature can do it. Or say you have a group of small parcels that gets brought up by some bigger corporation and you need to merge all those small parcels into one big parcel, the merge feature can do it.


The commands are on the Modify menu in the Geospatial workspace by default, but you can also use the command line to call them up.parcel

Here is a large parcel polygon that we need to split into two separate parcels. Select the feature to split then either use exiting lines or draw a new line to use as the cutting line.


The great thing about this tool is you can use the standard AutoCAD editing and creating tools to draw the dividing line with accuracy. No more guessing where the property line is at.


Once you create the dividing line the data table will add the new record(s) depending on the rules you set for the split.

The Merge features works similar, select the features and the data table deletes the old records and adds a new one based on the rules you set for the merge.

Here are some screen shots of the merge tool merging 3 parcels into one.


Notice the parcel address of 901, 933 and 991 and after the merge.

merge After_M

The rules I set for the merge allow me to use the attributes from the first parcel selected for the merged parcel.

So where and how do I set the rules for the split and merge features? One way is in the Options on the data table for the feature layer, select the Set Split and Merge Rules.


This opens up the palette to set all the rules you need for the schema that goes with that feature layer.


So what else is new? Well one change is the automatic check out of a feature. What this does is checks out a feature when you select it. There’s no need to select a feature and then right click to select “Check out feature”. This is enabled as default but you can turn it off from the Edit menu in the Geospatial workspace.


Another new feature is the “New” Expression editor. If you ever tried to create an expression in prior versions you will like this. I’ll post about that later, so stop back again in a few days.



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