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Do you need to turn the feature labels into text so that you can resize or move them around a little better than the display manager does? Right now there is very little control on how feature labels are placed in a map when you use the data connect to display feature data. The one method that I have been to use is create the labels using a simple font (Ariel) then set the size in Map Units instead of the default Display units. Then use the map export to dwg command to create a standard AutoCAD dwg file.

How ever this command does not always work for everyone. I have seen threads on it in the discussion groups and in forums where users are not able to get this method to work. So I decided to test it using a couple different workstations using different versions of Map 3D. Know what? It does not work all the time on all workstations. The one that it does work with, is my Dell M90 laptop with Map3D 2008 running XP. Why I have no idea, I even try using many different fonts, different display scales, different themes, and setting as many AutoCAD variables and options that I know. I set a couple default dwt files with text styles in many different ways and still can not get it to work on my HP desktop workstation running Vista with different versions of Map 3D.   Why it works 99% of the time on one computer and not on another I have no idea.

The team at Autodesk are aware of the problem and trying to figure it out too. Seems they get the same results as I do when testing it on different workstations. This is one issue that I have been in contact with a few members of the Map 3D team for the past few weeks trying to figure it out. So all I can say is bear with us and hope the bugs are figured out in time for the 2009 version and/or a hot fix for 2008.


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  1. 1 kalmy 02/26/2008 at 1:27 AM

    In my opinion in map should be exit a command to convert label as “static text” like in others GIS products or generate label as “static text” simple text entities.

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