A little on ESRI Shp Files.

So is anyone trying to export text to a shp format and having problems with the text being written to the shape file table?  Prior to the 2008 version of map when you selected “TEXT” as the type of object to export it would automatically take the text_height, text_angle and text string (value) as attributes. All we had to do was select text and the objects.


 With Map 3D 2008 you need to select those from the data tab. After you select the text objects go to the data tab and select attributes.

Use the expression builder dialog to select the “angle, height, and string” from the property section.


Now those fields will be written to the shape attribute table.

Now for part two of working with shp format files. Thanks from a post over in AUGI in the Map forums.

Are you having trouble importing a shp file in AutoCAD MAP 3D 2008 yet the same file imports OK in R2007 versions. It seems that if the folder that the shp file is in has a corrupt shp file in it that MAP 3D can not import any shp files from that folder. Move the shp file (and shx/dbf) to a new folder and try to import it.  The same bug may cause you fatal errors if you try to export to a shp format if you are saving it to a folder with a corrupt shp file in it also.  So if you get fatal errors trying to create shp files, save them to a new folder and see if that works.


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