Have you missed me?

Or should I say “have you missed some tips or tricks” Well I been doing some other things in my spare time and not posting any thing new. I promise that will change once Map 3D 2008 is released.  I can not say much about it yet but if you read other blogs you know the next release is coming around the corner. So what have I been doing in my spare time if not posting Map tips or tricks? Well a little Civil 3D stuff you can find here. But that’s not all beside that only took a few hours to do so I’m really getting the feel of Civil 3D and the folks that use it. Which brings me to the next topic that I need some feedback from all that read my blog or see this post. What I’m trying to do along with my co worker Jason, is find an easy way of taking Civil 3D object (alignments, parcels and such) and bring them into MAP. Now we know we can export to SDF format and use that in MAP but it is limited and doesn’t really give a GIS manager much info for those objects. So what I want is some feedback and ideas from those that work in both Civil 3D and Map or any other GIS system. How do you take your civl designs and pass them over to the GIS guys, for the GIS and MAP users how do you get the info from the civil guys? What do you want or NEED to work? Maybe a new export to MAP command in Civil 3D or MAP to have some sort of a Civil 3D object import or converter. If you use standard AutoCAD format dwgs to you insert/xref the design drawings in or query them and add Object Data, what method works for you. I cannot promise that I will come up with the perfect solution but if we can come up with one or two solutions maybe Autodesk will take off with the ideas and fix this broken link from Civil 3D to Map 3D.

So add a comment in the comment section or email if you want to keep you name hidden from others.



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