Viewing GIS Data

Have you ever wanted to share your maps to others with all the data attached to features. Well there is the Mapguide system even a Open Source version of Mapguide for free. But the problem may be in no funds for the enterprise version or having a web server to host it on. Then with the OS version you still need either Studio to create and manager those maps or know a little bit of programing to get the results you need.  Either way you need to free up some funding. So as an alternative there is always the DWF way to go about sharing that data. The DWF writer in Map 3D 2007 allows you to take some data with the features if you set the options in MAP 3D 2007 to export the data in the map dwf publishing options.  This includes even data you add from FDO. Lets say you connect to parcel data on a SDE server that is maintained by another department, now you can publish the map as a DWF and the parcel data will carry over into the DWF allowing others to view that data. A good example of using this method may be for sharing data and maps with field personnel or the maintenance crews out there doing routine maintenance or repairs. Publish your data as DWF then copy it to their laptops along with a viewer and they have the info right out there with them.

Here is a screen shot of a simple DWF, the parcel data is from an Oracle database and the street centerline is from a shp file. Notice in the Properties window the data from the Oracle parcel is display for the selected parcel.

DWF of GIS Data

Keep in mind this is not the perfect method for everyone but if you are trying to convince someone that they need laptops out in the field and do not have funding to build a test system or demo this may help out a little on getting the message out. Also you may need to brush up on creating Mapbooks and publishing to DWF with the resolutions in your DWF pc3 files but it’s a start down that road.



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