A simple sample of DWF with out a viewer installed.

Just wanted to follow up from my last entry. Here is a link to a sample mapbook put on the internet using the “Freewheel” tool or what ever they end up calling it. A few words about this web page first, I created the Mapbook in DWF format from MAP R2004 a few years ago and it has Object Data attached to some of the lines. The web site itself is one of the free ones out there (POP-UP warning) that I created in a matter of minutes and I just added the DWFs and a little text using the templates provided by Tripod nothing fancy to it. I just wanted to see and show how easy it will be to use this method to get maps out to non-MAP users. Currently there are no tools to view the Object Data or switch layers on/off. Also the table width that the DWF object is on needs to be adjusted, but any good web designer can fix that. My pupose of doing it was to see how easy it would be and if it works. Judge it for yourself.



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