The wide world of DWF.

A lot of times there maybe a need to share a map with someone outside the office or the company that does not have AutoCAD or any other GIS software program. So what do you need to do? Well in the past you could make a PDF of the map and sent it off to them or maybe a DWF. But wait with a DWF they need the DWF Viewer installed and as we have seen they either are restricted from installing even a simple update to existing software let alone something that may be new to them, or they don’t want to install anything on the workstation just to view a map one time.
Well the folks at AutoDesk have listened to our comments and may have a solution in the not so far further. Called “Project Freewheel”. What it does is the server is doing all the work and rendering the dwf for the visitor to your webpage. Sounds interesting and I will be trying it out with a few dwf files in the next couple of days so check back and you may see some cool dwf’s or links to them.



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