No I haven’t forgotten about this place

I admit I haven’t updated in a while but I can use the excuse that I have been busy like everyone else does. Well I have been, between normal work, writing an ATP class for AUGI, getting the RV ready to travel in a few weeks and of course riding the HOG I have been busy.
I do have a few things to post about, first thing is if you are a map user and a member of AUGI I’m teaching a course in the July session so take a look and sign up if you want. It’s ATP 134 in case anyone is interested. The first of hopefully many that I’ll do unless no one is interested in them.
Second thing I want to pass on is I met up with a fellow named Russell Martin a few weeks ago. Not many people know who Russell is or what he does. I didn’t until he E-mailed me a few days before the meet up. But Russell is part of the team at CADAPULT. He has written the book “Digging Into AutoCAD MAP 3D 2005” and a few more, that he dropped off for me to look over and do what ever. Well I have and from my point of view it’s an excellent book for anyone that is using AutoCAD MAP. I expect the R2007 version to be out in a few weeks or so. So anyone that need a good book for MAP 3D go get a copy.
Third thing I want to post on is what do my readers of this blog want to learn or need tips on? Post a comment or dig deep enough on the links to find my email addy and send me an email on what you want and I’ll try to get some more help out there.


3 Responses to “No I haven’t forgotten about this place”

  1. 1 Russell Martin 05/31/2006 at 6:38 PM

    Hi Araki,

    Here is the complete URL to Cadapult’s web store:

    you can reach me at:

  2. 2 Murph 05/31/2006 at 6:00 PM

    The links are working for me right now, maybe it was down for a while.

  3. 3 araki 05/31/2006 at 2:14 PM

    i tried looking into the cadapult site, but it’s down.

    i’m very interested in Russel’s book.

    n e contact info?

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