Join lines of text for an Annotation Block Label.

Do you use the annotation blocks to label object in MAP? Do you know you can use the lisp function STRCAT to conation the values together to display as one attribute? In my example I have parcels with object data attached, the values I want to use for an address label are in the HOUSE_NUMBER field and from another field STREET both in a table called Parcel.

Now in the value textbox in the Annotation Text dialog box I use the strcat function like so. (strcat :HOUSE_NUMBER@Parcel ” ” :STREET@Parcel). What this does is takes the house number value and the street value from the parcel table and joins them together on one line in my labels. Notice the double quotes with a space between them. This is to add a space between the number and street.

The result after using this is shown below. There are a few others expression evaluators that you can use from doing simple math to converting numbers to strings. Take a look under the topic Expression Evaluators in the Map help file.



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