File Names and Paths

Having trouble importing files into MAP? Check the file name and the path to those files. Map import tools does not handle long file names, file names with spaces or some of the standard characters that other times may work. The civil points import command is really picky at times when it comes to the file name. So if you have trouble creating points from “Section 2 Bubba Subdivision Contour Survey Points.mdb try to rename the file to something like B2CP.mdb.
The shape file import tools doesn’t like long paths to the shape files, so if the files you want to import are in “Z:\GIS\CityData\2006\March\Share\Parcels\Data\Polygons” try making a copy of the needed files in a folder on your local drive “C:\Import”. After the imports are done you can go back and clean up that folder by deleting the shape files.


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