The World is not Flat

The world is not flat, so why are your maps? I expect that to be asked to a lot more mappers in the next couple of years. Google Earth is 3D so why not the maps that we make. I mean don’t we provide the details for developers to show where our assets are at. Just the other day I got in a site plan for a new “project” being build in our service area. They wanted us to show where our electrical lines and poles were at so their engineers could design the services going into the new building. But what happens when those designers start using 3D to their fullest and provide 3D models to the clients. The client may want to know if those same power lines with all the equipment hanging off them will block the view of the half million dollar logo on the side of the building. Will the view from the bosses window be blocked by an ugly rust color steel power pole? Sure we can give them a good look from an airplane flying over head but that’s it. It’s time for 3D mapping to and for users to make use of it.



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